Virginie Nguyen Hoang

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©VIRGINIE NGUYEN HOANG/WOSTOK PRESS.Egypt,Cairo.10/05/2012..Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh Former Brotherhood leader, was visiting the region of Sharrqyia in the Delta for his presidential campaign...In July 2011, Abouel Fotouh was dismissed from the Muslim Bortherhood due to his intention to compete in the presidential poll, which defied the groups decision not to field a presidential candidate. He envisages a democratic system based on checks and balances between the government's three branches. He endorses a mixed-political system until the first presidential term is completed after four years. On the economy, he emphasizes human development as a means for prosperity. He also opts for increasing public resources and reducing expenditure. He also mentions the need to adopt progressive taxation, raise minimum wage and invest in public education.
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