Virginie Nguyen Hoang

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©VIRGINIE NGUYEN HOANG/WOSTOK PRESS.Egypt,Cairo.14/05/2012..Ahmed Shafiq,former Egyptian prime minister and civil aviation minister, gave a press conference for his presidential campaing. .Although he was forced to resign as prime minister in the face of raging protests just one year ago because of his ties to Hosni Mubaraks regime, Ahmed Shafiq defiantly returns to the scene to run in Egypts first post-Mubarak presidential.Shafiq has relied on his military background and successes in the Civil Aviation Ministry to sell himself to the public in his presidential campaign.Shafiq makes it no secret that he was one of Mubaraks men. He defended the former president to the last minute before he stepped down on 11 February 2011 Shafiqs ties to the Mubarak regime are not only institutional. Many perceive him as sharing the same authoritarian and patriarchal values of other Mubarak-era figures.His campaign is described by some as schizophrenic.
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