Virginie Nguyen Hoang

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UKRAINE, Pisky: Daniel, 19 years old who's in in the 93 brigade starts his shift at his position in one of the tranches of Pisky frontline. While observing a sniper position of the separatist, shooting started between the two trenches. <br />
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"I got one political position in my mind, when the enemy comes to my territory I need to défense its territory I’ve to defense this territory by any matters, even shooting, do bad tings to enemy" D.<br />
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UKRAINE, Pisky: Daniel, 19 ans, qui est dans la brigade 93 commence son quart de travail à son poste dans l'une des tranchées de première ligne Pisky. Tout en observant une position de sniper de l'séparatiste, tirs ont commencé entre les deux tranchées.