Virginie Nguyen Hoang
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A soldier of the platoon 3, company 1 of the second brigade of 201 corps of ANA is guarding one of the 4 towers of the Mohammed Said checkpoint in Kunar. In front of him, Pakistan checkpoint and a village supporting the Talibans. The porous border between the Pakistan and Afghanistan, known as the Durand Line, has been a source of tension that has led to skirmishes. Afghan officials have accused Pakistani forces of repeatedly shelling its eastern districts with rockets launched from Pakistan. Kunar, Afghanistan, 16th November 2017. <br />
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Un soldat du peloton 3, compagnie 1 de la deuxième brigade du 201 corps d'ANA garde une des 4 tours du checkpoint de Mohammed Said à Kunar. Devant lui, des checkpoint du Pakistan et un village soutenant les talibans.La frontière poreuse entre le Pakistan et l'Afghanistan, connue sous le nom de ligne Durand, est une source de tension menant à diverses  escarmouches. Des responsables afghans ont accusé les forces pakistanaises de bombarder à plusieurs reprises les districts de l'est avec des roquettes lancées depuis le Pakistan. Kunar, Afghanistan, le 16 novembre 2017.